Cupcake Packs (Per Dozen)

Cupcakes are one of the easiest desserts to bring to potlucks and other functions that you're almost guaranteed everyone will like. Our gourmet cupcakes go a few steps beyond your ordinary cupcake, though. With our moist, tempting cake flavours and rich creamy icing, you'll need to make sure you have enough cupcakes to go around. You can get your choice of cake and icing flavours in each pack, or mix and match as many flavours as you'd like.

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Wedding Cupcakes

Wedding cupcakes are not only a delicious way to make sure everyone gets to sample your wedding cake, but they don't require a server to cut the cake and hand out plates. Simply let us set up a beautifully staged table of cupcakes and your guests can serve themselves. You can choose any cake and icing flavours, mix and match several flavours, or just mimic your wedding cake. And we can decorate the cupcakes any way you'd like, even down to matching your bridal party colours in the icing.

Mini Cupcake Packs

Mini Cupcake Packs are a huge favorite with the kids, especially when decorated with a theme like Star Wars, Minions, or Disney's Frozen. We can provide mini cupcakes from our gourmet flavours that will be the hit of any party. And even the adults love the minis. There are as many get-togethers that call for mini cupcakes as dessert items as there are reasons to get together. Get your Mini Cupcake Pack today, and savor the perfect bite.

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Corporate Branded Cupcake Packs

Keep your corporate brand name in front of your customers, vendors, and other associates by supplying Corporate Branded Cupcake Packs at your next business function. With the scrumptious flavours of our gourmet cupcakes and icings, you'll set the bar high for corporate favors to be passed out. Who needs another plastic pen when there are heavenly cupcakes to be had? Mix and match your favorite flavours to create a give-away your customers won't soon forget.

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