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Welcome to the Cakes With Attitude Cake Configurator. Not as fancy as one of those custom vehicle builders, but guaranteed to make you drool more. Create your perfect blend of flavours and then use our quote form to tell us what you want.


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Every cake batch we bake is made from scratch. No mixes, preservatives or anything else your kid can’t pronounce.

Pick Fillings

If you’re the traditional type go with an Italian Buttercream. Bit of a wild child? Try one of our premium fillings instead.

Pick Exterior Flavor

If it’s for a wedding you’ll want vanilla or chocolate fondant for a clean, elegant look. Anything else, go nuts with creativity.

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Cake Flavours

Start by picking your cake flavour. All cake flavours below can be used for wedding cakes, birthday cakes and even 3D carved cakes.
For custom cupcakes we can make them in any cake flavour below except for Marble.

Gluten or Egg Free versions are available for all below cake flavours except for Carrot.


Italian Buttercreams & Fillings

Our Italian Buttercreams are smoother, less sweet and delightfully tasty. They are suitable for interior layer cake fillings or as an exterior icing.
All our buttercreams use real flavour extracts or fresh fruit and other ingredients to achieve phenomenal flavours. Your mouth will thank you.


Premium Options & Fillings

When ordinary just isn’t enough, you’ll want our premium fillings and other cake options. These hand crafted delights will truly make your cake a special one.