Custom Anniversary Cakes To Celebrate Your Years Together

Quality From Start to Finish

Anniversaries are very special occasions that should be celebrated with flair. How else do you measure your love and devotion to one another than by counting the years together?

Some anniversaries are milestones and deserve their own special party. When you hit those milestones, why not make the cake the focal point of your celebration? It can be a custom design cake of your own creation, or we can recreate your wedding cake (but perhaps smaller, yes?) for your milestone anniversary.

Whatever your desire, let us share this special day with you by creating something that will make new memories to add to the many beautiful ones you already have.

Customized for You

Want a specially designed cake to celebrate your parent’s 50th wedding anniversary? We can create a one-of-a-kind specialty cake that captures the essence of their years together.

How about a 3-D cake that expresses your father’s love of fishing and your mother’s love of shopping? We can create any image that will make an anniversary cake a special testament to the happy couple’s years together.

Whatever anniversary this is, celebrate it this year with a custom cake that is created to your specifications with your favorite flavors , fillings, and frosting.

Peace of Mind comes standard

As with every one of our cakes, we guarantee you’ll be satisfied. You’ll love the decadent flavors that meld together in your mouth. But, more importantly, you’ll love the fact that our Red Seal Pastry Chef takes this burden from your shoulders. You need not worry at all about the cake. It will be perfect.


Anniversary Cakes from Nominal to Phenominal

More Reasons why our anniversary cakes will be the talk of the party

Custom Fondants and Buttercreams

We’re trained specifically in the art fondant anniversary cake decorating. Our focus in on crisp, clean corners, flawless finishes, beautiful draperies and other unique designs that can only be accomplished with fondant

Design Patterns

It’s your anniversary. Nothing is out of reach. Get the exact cake you want designed specifically for your special day.

3D Carving

Want a 3D cake of a baby carriage to celebrate a co-worker’s recent newborn? If you can dream it, we can create it.


Why stop at one tier? With tiers, you have that many more options to create something extraordinary for your celebration.

Handcrafted Sugar Flowers

Custom hand made gum flowers, candy and ribbons can be added to your anniversary cake for a touch of class and elegance.

Themed cakes

Frozen, Star wars, Minions. If your anniversary party has a theme, we can supply the perfect cake to complement your decor. Nothing is off-limits.

Custom Anniversary Cakes For Your Special Day

Cakes From Scratch

Only ever hand made. Only the freshest ingredients will do. Baked fresh the day of your party.

Red Seal Pastry Chef

Have a Red Seal Pastry Chef make a stunning creation for this very special day. Why chance it with someone else?

Award Winning

An award winning confectionary artisan hand crafts your special anniversary cake. It is designed to your exact specifications.

Egg and Gluten Free!

Special dietary requirements? No problem. We can make your special cake egg or gluten free, whatever your need.