The Perfect Topper for a Wedding Show Stopper


Cake Toppers

Your cake topper represents the theme of your cake, which symbolizes who you are as a couple. Show your guests the real you, and choose from over amazing 60 different cake toppers for your wedding cake. Since wedding cake toppers are purchased, not rented, you get to pick the perfect topper that really speaks to who you are. There are various themes to choose from:

Or mix and match to find the perfect representation. You’ll have this cake topper to reuse on your 25th anniversary, your 50th anniversary, and hopefully your 75th anniversary, and every one in between.

Make Your Wedding Cake Stand Out


Cake Stand Rentals

The perfect cake stand can enhance your wedding cake, making this incredible centerpiece the focal point of your reception. We have a variety of cake stands that are rentable for a 48 hour period. You can choose from glass, ceramic, or silver to match your style. Create as elegant a look as you desire. We can match any theme you choose.

-- Designed With Attitide, Crafted With Care! --

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