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Add a tiered display of specially designed cupcakes for your wedding reception. Cupcake displays are an elegant way of ensuring that everyone gets a taste of something sweet and luscious at your wedding. Baked from scratch and detailed to your specifications, add cupcakes to your wedding menu.

Customized for You

You choose the liners or the papers you want, the colors you need, and any special designs you want on each cupcake. Then choose your favorite cake flavor, select a decadent filling, and add a scrumptious flavored icing to top it off. Treat your guests to a miniature edible work of art. Wedding Cupcakes start at $34.00 per dozen with custom cupcakes on average closer to $56.00 per dozen. Cupcakes will vary in price dependent on the liner, embellishments and decorations you use.

Peace of Mind comes standard

Once you’ve made your choices, let our Red Seal Pastry Chef worry about the rest. We guarantee that you and your guests will love the cupcakes and this very special memory from your wedding day.

Wedding Cupcakes to Set the Tone


Choose from a myriad of flavors, fillings, and icings to create a one of a kind cupcake just for your wedding.



You can never go wrong with a classic cupcake. No one to offend, something for everyone. What could be easier?


Choose sugar flowers, beads, or other decorations to create an elegant cupcake display that matches your elegant wedding.


It's your day, Princess. Do whatever you want. We can give you the cupcake display that sets the tone for the whole reception.


Be the individual you are, and choose a specially shaped cupcake for your wedding day. Think beyond heart-shaped. We can match your theme, whatever it is.

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Get Your Favourite Cupcakes

Why our cupcakes are better than the rest

What is your favorite cake flavor? We start building your custom cupcake by designing a succulent cake in your favorite flavor from our extensive list of options. Custom-Flavours-Cakes-With-Attitude
What if you could have your favorite cupcake flavor filled with an amazing, creamy Italian filling or fruit puree? Pick a filling from our options that speaks to you personally. Cupcake-Decorations-Cakes-With-Attitudde
No cupcake is complete without a rich, flavorful frosting on top. There's so many to choose from: buttercream, mocha, cream cheese, almost any flavor you can imagine. Buttercream-Cupcakes-Cakes-With-Attitude
Now sit back and savor this cupcake you designed. You deserve to treat yourself to a small, decadent indulgence. Enjoy the exquisite flavors as your taste buds explode in ecstasy. Cupcake-Indulgence-Cakes-With-Attitude
Choose a classic or an elegant wrapper, or go with something a little more quirky. It's your day, so do it with style. We can match any color scheme and theme you have. Wrappers-and-Liners-Cakes-With-Attitude
Display all of your luscious cupcakes in an artful display using our special cupcake stands. Create a masterpiece of confectionary delight for your guests. They'll love it!Cupcake-Stands-Cakes-With-Attitude

-- Designed With Attitide, Crafted With Care! --

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