Each custom cake creation is unique, so guidance and pricing information is most accurately acquired via e-mail or telephone directly with Natasha or her associates.  We have tried to provide a few pointers to get you started including basic pricing information and other ordering info to help get you on your way. When emailing or calling for a quote, please have the following information to help you further. The type of event, number of guests you would like to feed and a picture/idea of what you would like.

The first thing we are usually asked is, how much does a custom cake cost?

   While it ranges from as little as $40 to upwards of thousands, cakes are priced based on a few elements.  First is cost of materials.  Some cakes contain non-cake elements which are purchased from local and international retailers and wholesale establishments.  These costs, and the cost of purchasing or importing them are included in the base price of a cake.  The second element is difficulty, number of guests it will feed and the time that will be required to create the cake.  Some cakes require a half an hour of decorating time while others may take days to create, deliver, set up etc.  This time is estimated prior to the order begin confirmed and it the largest element of the cost. 

   Large Cupcakes are $2.75/each, Medium Cupcakes are $2.40/each and Mini Cupcakes are $1.60/each with a minimum of 1 dzn per order and Flavor. Save by ordering more…..Order 12 large cupcakes for $30.00…….12 Medium for $26.00

   Celebration cakes start at $40.00 minimum for a single tier. Multiple tiered celebration cakes start at $100.00 minimum.  They are party cakes and use standard pans such as round, square, heart or rectangle.

   Sculptured cakes start at $80.00. A sculputured cake is a hand carved cake to look like an object. 3D cakes in my gallery average around $150-$300.  Large themed cakes are also based on the number of servings and difficulty.

  Tiered cakes such as wedding cakes or celebration cakes begin around $70 (Which would be a 6″ round cake to feed 8-10) and increase from there based on the number of tiers, servings and difficulty.  Prices of wedding cakes range from $4.00 to around $12 per serving. We start tiered wedding cakes at $200.00 for a very simple designed cake to roughly feed 30-35 guests. Prices will vary on size, and detailing of your wedding cake. Free cake tastings are available for wedding cakes only, up to a maximum of 4 people. 

  Cakes With Attitude also offers delivery and setup services, equipment rental, and private consultations.  Delivery is recommended for large, tall or heavy cakes, but is always optional.  As some cakes can be very difficult to handle cake integrity cannot be guaranteed after acceptance.  You will be notified if delivery is recommended for your cake and although we have never experienced it, delivery provides a form of security for your order in the event of an awful occurrence such as a car accident.

  We are happy to provide edible images and handmade sugarpaste flowers. Additional fees will be applied to these items.

  We look forward to your calls for all your special occasions